5-Day LifeStyle Fit Course

Are you always tired, unmotivated to exercise, or struggling with your nutrition? It's not your fault! The five-day Lifestyle fitness course is a program designed with fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness strategies that will improve the quality of your life!

Participants in the 5-Day Course get access to:

  • The home-based strength training program

  • Group relaxation therapy

  • Body Fat and weight assessment report

  • Behavior-based nutrition mentorship

  • Active recovery plan

The next challenge is from August 1st, 2022 - August 5th, 2022 at Noon EST on ZOOM! After we collect your information you will receive an emailed Zoom link to sign in for each session! Please bring a towel, water bottle, notebook, and your best enthusiasm! Click on the red "Sign up for the course" button above to sign up today!

TC Lifestyle Fit Program

TC Lifestyle fit is a long-term fitness and behavior-based nutrition program that coaches you on principles that safely build your physical strength and break unproductive nutritional habits that keep you from living a quality lifestyle.

Participants in the 8-week TC lifestyle fit program get access to:

  • Body fat and weight assessment report

  • Weekly Hypnotherapy sessions

  • Weekly wellness skills training on zoom

  • Strength-based fitness training

  • Program calendar to keep track of progress

  • Personalized nutrition coaching

  • Mindset restoration journal

  • Active recovery plan

Once we evaluate your wellness aspirations, our team will conduct a comprehensive full-body assessment to assess physical muscle imbalances, resting heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat composition.

Lastly, one of our certified coaches will customize a strength-based fitness program with nutrition and mindset coaching specific to your needs. Our philosophies are to prioritize consistency over intensity, and excellence is the basics done well.

Student-Athlete Performance Training Program

Student-Athlete performance training is an 8-week program that serves youths and young adult athletes to maximize their athletic potential! We design in-season and off-season training for multiple sports athletes who want to properly develop their strength, speed, agility, and coordination while significantly decreasing the risk of injury.

Participants in the 8-week Student-Athlete Performance Program get access to:

  • Body fat and weight assessment report

  • Strength and performance evaluations

  • Program calendar to keep track of progress

  • Leadership journal for weekly personal development

  • Personalized performance-based nutrition coaching

  • Active recovery plan

Our coaching staff invests its energy in the well-being of every student-athlete. Participants begin their training with an evaluation to accurately measure their athletic performance, strengths, and areas of weakness. We educate our student-athletes on mastering fundamental skills that emphasize efficiency to prevent overtraining. As their work capacity develops, they become significantly more mentally and physically ready for success on and off the playing field or arena! We are excited to have your student-athlete join our team!