LifeStyle Fitness Program

Just as you can’t lose weight through spot reduction, the same principle is valid for wellness. Reaching a new fitness level requires intentionally calming the mind, building the body, and nurturing the soul.

At TC Lifestyle Fit, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to helping you achieve wellness goals. Our program incorporates lifestyle and nutrition coaching, and a personalized fitness routine designed to grow as your capacity increases. Our services occur in an environment designed to inspire and challenge you to be your best.

TC Lifestyle Fit is the summation of Lifestyle Coaching and Fitness to help you live your best life and serve others with excellence!

Our 8-week Lifestyle Fitness program gives participants access to:

  • Body fat and weight assessment report

  • Facebook accountability group

  • Personalized strength based-fitness training

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Active Recovery Plan