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Are you feeling stuck in the loop of monotony? Does life weigh you down with looming stress and unfulfillment? Do you constantly go to war daily with anxiety and stress that drains your emotional and physical health?

Our program is a tremendous opportunity that utilizes Fitness, Nutrition, and Personal Development services that help you make positive changes in life, and live with purpose! 



Tim Collins is a certified wellness and fitness practitioner based in Omaha, Nebraska, with fifteen years of experience and more than 200,000 sessions served in his industry.  Among the most significant accomplishments noted in his history of wellness coaching is helping hundreds of clients improve their mental and physical health. He genuinely appreciates people and is deeply interested in their long-term success.

His seminars and training are designed to help you discover your purpose and elevate your health to a new level. Tim also values spending time with his wife Taisha Collins, 13-year-old daughter Violet, and 12-year-old son Santana!


"The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck," - Anthony Robbins.